About Us

About Us

Northern Arizona University is recognized as an innovative university in delivering online education for the adult student. Fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, NAU’s education is tailored for working professionals and career-minded adults. NAU delivers a respected, affordable university education to students wherever they want to learn and is ranked as the No. 1 online college by Best College Reviews. Through its statewide community campuses, extensive online options, innovative programs like Personalized Learning and passion for student success, NAU empowers busy people to advance in their careers and make a difference in their communities. Personalized Learning was funded by a $1 million grant from EDUCAUSE and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Personalized Mastery

Why sit in a class about a subject that you already know through your lifelong work experience? Get credit for what you know! Our Personalized Learning degrees are competency-based – one of only a handful of such programs in the country – so your completion does not depend on a traditional grading system, class attendance or program length. Instead, the emphasis is on your understanding of lessons that cover the real-world skills and knowledge you can transfer to day one in your career role, and also help you achieve a Mastery of a particular competency. You set the pace for your learning experience as there are no deadlines for lesson comprehension or in attaining a Mastery.

We gauge your Mastery of a concept through pretesting to determine whether you are eligible to opt out of a lesson, and through posttesting following your self-paced lesson completion. A minimum score of 86% is required for opting out or advancing in your program.

Personalized Mentoring

We want you to have as many advantages as possible in your personalized learning. That’s why we pair you with a faculty mentor who can help you master your lessons and competencies as well as manage your time and maintain a work-life balance during your program. Mentors may also be a bridge to a job role through career advising.

Our Personalized Learning Values – With You in Mind

  • Affordable – Tuition for a six month block is between $3,000 - $3,750 depending on program, with no program fees, textbooks or extra cost
  • Flexible – Set your own timelines and decide when, how quickly and in what order you wish to learn key concepts
  • Self-paced – Lessons are designed to encourage self-directed learning with access to virtual social spaces for collaboration
  • Competency-based – Lessons are built around concepts and learning outcomes with your prior experience factored into your degree plan
  • Mentored – In addition to your access to subject matter experts, you have a dedicated faculty mentor to help you advance
  • Innovative – A cutting-edge interface lets you control everything from course selection to tuition payments

*Tuition and or term length may change without notice.