Online Personalized Learning

Online Personalized Learning

At NAU, we honor your individual education goals and needs, which is why we offer Personalized Learning degrees you can start anytime and finish on your schedule.

Personalized Learning is offered at a flat tuition per six-month block* – no textbooks and no hidden fees so you can better focus on your learning.

You can have access to your coursework and any related resources throughout your active Personalized Learning program. There is no minimum or maximum number of lessons you are required to complete. You can renew your subscription every six months until you complete your degree. You choose your courses and set the pace. You complete the classes according to your own timeline.

You will receive the same NAU degree as our traditional on-ground or traditional online graduate!

Competency-based Online Degree Programs

A competency is an essential skill or knowledge area you can master that applies toward your education and career. NAU’s Personalized Learning distributes competencies across lessons and subjects, and you complete each competency based on how well you understand this content, not based on how much time you spend in class. This learning format allows you to develop confidence in your knowledge and skills outside the time constraints of a traditional on-site or online program format.


The advantage of Personalized Learning is being able to set your own pace in the completion of your lessons. Once you have successfully completed all of your competencies, you have earned your degree. Mastering your competencies also better prepares you to transfer these skills and knowledge to your real-world career.


Our Personalized Learning option is a six-month subscription of lessons for a fee between $3,000-$3,750 depending on program. You have unlimited access to your lessons and any corresponding resources during your subscription.

Choose your path from our Personalized Learning degrees:

  • Computer Information Technology, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts
  • Small Business Administration, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts
  • Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts
  • Nursing - RN to BSN

Personalized Learning Key Facts:

  • A Personalized Learning degree is no different than a traditional undergraduate degree
  • Students complete the same academic rigor established for all NAU degrees
  • Graduates receive a Competency Report in addition to a traditional transcript